James Rolfe Medal for the Cricketer of the Year
Named after another living legend of the Ashwood Cricket Club, James (Jim) Rolfe, the Cricketer of the Year is awarded to the player who is awarded the most votes at the end of the home and away season. Votes are awarded by the umpire (or opposition Captain if there is no official umpire), with 3, 2 and 1 votes going to the best 3 players for Ashwood each game.
Jim is a Life Member, who is holds the honour of being the longest serving President in the Club’s history – a fantastic achievement!
On the field, Jim has captained premierships and won batting averages in his 275 game / 4708 run career (and has taken 16 wickets). We will keep the record book open however, just in case Jim makes another comeback from retirement, returning to assist when duty called. Jim’s on-field exploits are perhaps best remembered for being the only man who could successfully and consistently play the cut shot from a half-volley!
Jim has made an enormous contribution to the ongoing success of the Ashwood Cricket Club and hence, the James Rolfe Medal for the Cricketer of the Year is a one of the big 3 awards at the Ashwood Cricket Club and is deservedly named after one of the Club’s finest.
2001-02 Barry Wood
2002-03 Jonathon Walford
2003-04 Dananj Wijayasinghe
2004-05 Bryce Walker
2005-06 Bryan Sword
2006-07 Darren Sheean
2007-08 Jamie Bliss
2008-09 Nick Morrey

2016-17 Matthew Clayton